Blue Inner Shirt

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I know the assertive, it must be because it has come a long way. An adventure over a hundred years. It’s GÖYNEK.
Touched on the hand loom for Hatice's dowry. The collar is not opened because of tradition. It was combined with dreams and prayers. A patience lace was made on the ends of the arm (made with a needle).
It has a long story to tell; If you want to listen, I will wait for the front door conversations of my atelier.

Fabric: 100% Turkish cotton ancient fabric (Handloom plain weaving)

Pattern Design & restoration: Tilan

Sewn: hand sewn and point lace

Dye: Plant Pigments

The deformations that occurred over time were also hand-stitched, I think this made this beautiful piece even more valuable.

Front and back lengths approximately the same.
In order to be able to use this outfit produced just for you for many years
  • Should be Handwashed
  • Cold water, less detergant should be used
  • Should hang without tightening
  • It should be dried in the shade
You can use it for all your clothes. Less waste, more beautiful world…